Bitmap Racer

A good old-fashioned top-down racing game in your browser. A new course every day with single- and multi-lap races. Compete against yourself and others. Currently racing around countries, English counties, and London boroughs.


Touchscreen buttons: <, >, acc, brake.

Keys: ←, ↑, →, ↓, w, a, s, d.


Stay out of the dirt.


Press reset (r) to set your car back on track.

Enter your initials to compete on the leaderboard.

Press "Ghost" to cycle through ghost modes.Choose between your ghost, the course ghost, neither, or both.

Press "Cam" to cycle through camera modes. Set camera to "Fix" if playing on larger screen (desktop/laptop), "Dyn" for smaller (phone) screens.

Browse previous courses and leaderboards with < > at top of screen. You can only compete on the "Live" course. Return to "Live" with a single click of "T:" when browsing historic courses.

Qualify by completing 3 laps/races to extend your Q-streak.


Big thanks to regular playtesters: BC, JPB, Wlv, CQC, RON.


Other stuff: